TwentyFive - About the forces of the unconscious

There are 25 strong guys on the inner team who all want to achieve something vital. Maybe there are many more. But, these TwentyFive are challenge enough. If you have your whole emotionally highly explosive team behind you, you will go your way without inner resistance and with a beaming smile. It's no surprise that this powerfully positive mood has an effect on those around you. If I can take good care of myself, there will be time and strength and understanding for you. # TwentyFive lets the 25 guys have their say and allows them to promote themselves. It's about real life, learning a profession, negotiating with work colleagues and customers, partnerships, communication and actually everything that has to do with me and with you. # Christoph Hofmański # Before Christoph Hofmański (born 1948) founded his consulting company under the name "Kommunikationsmanagement" in 1988, he worked as a marketing manager in an international IT company. During this time, the discussion about emotional intelligence began to become more audible. Guid-ed by the question "What is a certain behavior good for?", Hofmański interpreted the bi-polar dimensions of personality psychology as existential, conflicting basic needs. This gave rise to the construct of "deep motivation" in the mid-1990s. In the work of the last 25 years, there has been a grow-ing realization that we can better understand people if we bring the construct of basic needs into a multi-layered model that captures the "flow of ener-gy" from drivers to situational behavior. Practical use in many coaching sessions motivated Christoph Hofmański to develop TwentyFive.