The Motivational Type Strategist

All people are similar. They strive for security and assertion, for recognition and belonging, for knowledge and empathy. These are the six vital and opposing basic needs described in the next chapteMotivational analysis shows which basic needs are individually strongest. They influence our important decisions and show through emotions when they are over- and under-supplied. Emotions can be understood as appeals of the "inner team" to the consciousness to take good care of itself. When this succeeds, we are not only satisfied with ourselves, but also have the strength and peace of mind to support our partners, friends or colleagues. This book describes how people with a similar expression take care of their well-being. It is about individual strengths, learning, career, relationships, and decisions. . Every person is special because these six forces, which influence our perception and our decisions, are pronounced to different degrees. This can already be observed in small children and consolidates in the course of life. Someone who wants to assert himself has different experiences than someone for whom relationships are more important. There are no good or bad personalities, and it makes sense that we humans have different expressions. We live in communities where individual skills complement each other. Each person contributes to the common good.